The Release party was So good! Everyone turned up and kept the party live until the last minute! If you're reading this and you came out to support, THANK YOU  AGAIN! So here is the full album if you didn't grab a copy last night. It is free if you put in $0, but if you can find it in your heart to donate, any amount will be appreciated!



This is it. The album release party is locked in the stars, 11-12-13 at Tipsy McSway's in Brunswick, GA. A beautiful sight it will be.

As promised, my people, I present to you the flippin' awesome first single from my unforgiving and upcoming Album "THE PRETTY MONSTER"

The song is called YOU CAME TO SEE BLOOD and I'd have to admit- writing this song changed my whole perspective, and paved the way for the rest of the Album to be summoned forth from the Abyss.

Here are the lyrics:


and for those who don't want too much intensity, here is the Track by itself!

And neither would you If you knew the power behind the pretty monster! Every song is a key that opens a seal to another density. This is not just an album, but a REVELATION! There is no coincidence. Friday the 13 will be the debut of the first taste of THE PRETTY MONSTER... We will see who can stand after 11/12/13

Whats up boys and girls. Twilight drives tend to pacify restless hearts. My bro D.Jets told me things are changing. Right he is. All across the spectrum there is upheaval, a paradigm shift. You can see it anywere, from work to facebook, in your family and in your body. Take the reigns as best as you can, because this thing is moving full speed ahead.

This year wont end before you see my change. My aim is to present the truest art possible from within my core... sometimes from beyond that. New music is on the way. 11*12*13 is locked in the stars for us.

Stay Tuned.


I've been out for a while, tucked away in a shadow zone... fret not, for I escaped with a lot of great music. Almost didn't make it, due to the insecure guardians of the gate... but you'll hear about that on the new EP.

New music, new perspective; stay tuned!



meanwhile watch my cartoon:



The new Kidd Electric Album is now  Officially available just about anywhere you buy music from! If you haven't already, please get your copy now! GOOGLE PLAY and ITUNES are two of the most popular stores, but if you use AMAZON or services like eMusic, you can easily scoop a copy from them.

Thank you for your support and I know you'll totally enjoy every song!

Boom! The album had to be withheld for another month but its back on the table and ready for release on MARCH 19th!!! You will not want to miss the Lonely Road experience...

I was listening yesterday to the whole album, and I realized that the lyrics were the only thing human about this album. The music as a whole enforces such an otherworldly atmosphere; If you close your eyes and just vibe out you begin to see visions from the upper realms. Amazing stuff and I CAN'T wait to share it with you!

OMG!!! My new EP will FINALLY be available for world Osmosis in a few DAYS!!! Guys, i srsly want you to get this, lik rly. 4realz. U will be head bobbin and harlem shakin' all dayum day.


Friends! My next performance will be in BRUNSWICK, GA on February 23... details are here on Facebook:


FreeMindMedia Presents the "I Love Music Festival" Indie Artist Show Case

February 23 at 8:00pm


The Eleventh Advent is available now, only through Tune Kingdom! The Lonely road is coming soon! Available everywhere!

Sorry for silence! We've been busy at work on the new album, THE LONELY ROAD. Its been over a year in the making, with much influence from the psychopomps of the 8th sphere... But this EP will be released very very soon! Enjoy this sample of the first Track!

Greetings! Tonight, my bros from the Mile High Flight Club, NEW HUSTLE, have just dropped a rare promo vid for the upcoming Mixtape "Modern day Flintsoners"... Catch the bandit and an exclusive next level instrumental from Stallone on this promo vid!

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Happy October all, that awesome month of mystery and dress up... I'll definitely be hitting up the costume stores for props for future videos and performances. Just thought I'd remind you guys to follow my Tumblr Blog to Sail the net with me as we practice our production skills, keep up with new gear and new artists, and over all gather some inspiration for the journey we're all on...


I post pretty much daily, so follow me and lets trade some knowledge! I'll follow you back, just let me know. Peace x Love!

Wussup...?! I've been busy in the studio Working on a LOT of heavy music. I've just about singled out 5 or 6 tracks i'd like to release as an album, with features from a few of my comrades in the Mile High Flight Club. The production is too nice, and the bass hits so hard... Its a new sound for me, delving more into some high energy electro and Trap style hip hop. You're gonna love it. And yes, it'll be my first real release on Itunes. Peace!


Whats up Wld. I'm just chilling after another long day of life and love... Preparing my Tune Kingdom profile and choosing which songs I'd like to post for you all.

Had a pretty awesome show this weekend, head count was well over 100. It was a charity festival type event, so I know a lot of new ears got to hear some great music. So much is in store for you guys but I don't want to spoil it all. I'll let you know that I will be releasing another music video soon for my new single, "Picture me now" and it is DOPE to say the least!

Stay Positive!



Its Second Sunday! Hope to see you at the show! I'll hit the stage at 1:00, so come out and grab a demo and some food!

Here is a map to the show

What a good night! We went bar hopping to promote for the show and pass out demos. I want to give a special thank you to the ones who donated for the CD's. I can assure you the money will all go towards the music- promotion, studio time, equipment, etc... We met a lot of interesting people tonight and got to know everyone we handed out the demo's to. Special shout out to Castaways for playing my songs Everything Belongs to you and New Clear Winter... hopefully i'll be performing there in the coming months. Hanging out gave me a renewed and refreshed hope in our local music scene. Here's to greater days!

Whats up folks? It's two days before my first show after a year of silence, and i'm pretty stoked. Going out downtown this evening to First Friday to pass out Demos and promote for the show. If you've never been to First Friday, you should really consider coming out. Its starts at 5:00 and its all up and down Newcastle street (Brunswick, GA). There is music and food, vendors and WINE... Art Galleries, resturaunts and all kinds of things. Come out and enjoy yourself. I've got CD's to burn! ~Later

Whats up family? Filling you in on an exciting piece of news... I'll be performing this Sunday at Second Sunday, opening the show. If you're in the Brunswick/St Simons, GA area come out and enjoy music and lots of food. There is no cover, but all you can eat for $3. For directions, hit me up on FACEBOOK or TWITTER.


Click here for a MAP

A fine piece of instrumental work created by TKTRAV, to the visuals of my trippy pony

Creepy... suspenseful! Intriguing!

I've loved THE WHITE NOISE since i've heard of them... they had a huge hand in shaping the basis of modern electronic music. Its only right that I sample the lead singer, Delia Derbyshire, for this mesmerizing, hypnotizing display of sound! The footage is of a friends birthday party.

Yo this is a fresh instrumental I've done a few days ago... No rapper has claimed it so i've just put it out on the web for you to get acquainted with my style as a producer. Enjoy! 






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